Consulting Services

Our expert team of Internet marketing professionals can support your team with flexible consulting engagements and ensure SEO best practices are implemented any where in Nigeria.

One of our more requested areas of service is our fast growing Internet Marketing consulting services division. This division focuses on clients looking for website design company that have internal teams and require additional consultation to truly leverage the effectiveness of their current staff or for clients that want to do a detailed needs analysis to determine what approach is best for their specific campaign.

Advanced Assistance: A large number of our clients have utilized our services to enhance the efforts of their internal teams. Our consultation can provide them with further detail to surpass the current level of knowledge that the internal teams have or provide them with more strategic approaches to put in to place. This concept works exceptionally well for clients that have the resources to perform many of the tasks internally but lack the high-level sophistication to get real results from these efforts. Start-Up Firms: We have worked with several start-up ventures that needed guidance in developing a strategy to launch their new venture. K-Interactive works with them to create a detailed competitive analysis and comprehensive “action plan” for an entrance in to their vertical. This sort of consulting is extremely useful and can help mitigate the costs of “wasting funds” trying to feel your way through the process without any guidance. Re-Designs of Sites: One of the most perilous scenarios is when a company with good rankings decides to re-design their existing website. If done incorrectly, the existing value of your website can be completely destroyed by changing urls and improper transfer of existing portions of the current site. K-Interactive’s internal team can review and provide the detailed analysis to the clients via in-office visits either at the client’s location or in the corporate offices of K-Interactive. Additionally, webinars can be offered to eliminate travel costs. We provide consultation in the following areas of expertise:

  • Internet Strategy in Nigeria
  • Search Engine Optimization in Nigeria
  • Paid Search in Nigeria
  • Social Media in Nigeria
  • Reputation Management in Nigeria
  • Proper Site Development in Nigeria
  • Conversion Analysis & Enhancement in Nigeria
  • Brand Development in Nigeria
  • Strategic Concept Launches in Nigeria
  • Overall Comprehensive Online Initiatives in Nigeria